28 March, 2019 7:30 PM


Claudia Weill, USA, 1978 | 88 minutes

Long before Girls In The Big City became a common trope, Girlfriends was one of the first films to capture the nuances and complexities of female friendship and the frightening loneliness of freedom.

Girlfriends is a love story about two flatmates: the struggling photographer Susan and her best friend, the would-be poet Anne. Their symbiotic way of life is cut short when Anne tells her flatmate that she’s getting married, moving out of the apartment, and starting a new life with her husband. The rest of the film is about their break-up, as Susan struggles with her emerging career and a new flatmate and has meaningless flings with men, all while missing her best friend. Meanwhile, Anne discovers domestic bliss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and struggles to play the parts of wife and mother while her passion for writing is continually pushed to the side by family life.